Why Start “another” Political Blog?

In a world (movie trailer voice) saturated with political opinion, slanted news, and propaganda, why in the world would someone want to start a political blog publication? That is the question that I have asked myself every time I entertained the option of well… starting a political blog.

Dana, one of our contributing columnists, asked me the same question with a slightly different twist: “how do we stand out and what will make us different from all the others out there?”

At first, I didn’t have a concrete answer, but the funny thing about being put on the spot is that it causes quick thinking and sometimes, epiphany. My answer was that, “every single article on this site, that’s not an opinion/editorial piece, will need at least two to three credible sources to support it….real data and not some obscure blog to support it.  Opinion pieces will be obvious or labeled as such. It will be truly educational and factual and yet speak to regular folks…just like us. And since we’re all very similarly aligned politically, we’ll be open to dissenting opinions and contributions from authors who disagree with our ideology.

In other words, it will be just like arguing politics with family and friends on your granny’s front porch after Sunday dinner. Hence the name of the site.

Our Goal:

It is my hope, as editor, that this site will be a grass roots movement. A movement geared towards a better understanding of American politics, government and the roles that we should all take in making this a better place to live. We hope this site becomes a place where easily understood and digested information is available to our readers; a place that can be a trusted and unbiased resource; and finally, a place of well thought out political opinion and logical debate.

What you should know about the current contributors:

Of the four of us currently involved in this site, none of us are beltway insiders, part of the establishment, or otherwise currently involved in any particular political realm. We are small business owners, auto-body repair techs, homeschooling mothers, and we’re not really sure what Steve does…he’s kind of vague about it. Anyway, we have played our parts in grass roots campaigns and do post an awful lot of political stuff on Facebook, but we don’t have insider connections or influence. We are average, everyday Americans who just happen to be extremely passionate about politics…and think you should be as well.


Now that you know a little bit more about us, we’d like to welcome you to our Front Porch. We hope you’ll be active in the discussions on our site, and if not, we hope that we at least make you think about a few things.



Wes H.