If nothing else, the lead up to the general election in 2016 has been quite entertaining. With “The Donald” and “Colonel Sanders” in the race, it has made for some very interesting moments. We decided to go ahead and drop a top 5 list of some of our favorite moments of the season thus far.  Yeah….we said Commercials in the title, but this includes all types of videos.


5. Drunk Trump:

The guys in this video lip sync to some actual Trump sounds bites, and man, it just lays it right out there. Yeah, I realize it isn’t a commercial, but it’s funny all the same.


4. It Feels Good to be a Clinton

A few months back, the Cruz Campaign put this little gem of a parody out there. Fans of the movie Office Space ate it up.


3. Clinton Lying for 13 Minutes Straight:

Not quite funny, but pretty damning all the same. Not that her supporters really care if she’s consistent…or lying…or a criminal…or an accessory to a few deaths.


2. How To Get Revenge With A Football by Marco Rubio:

Maybe it’s the football, maybe it’s just us being nostalgic about a more competitive GOP race, but this ad was pretty funny.



1. Attacking Trump for Cursing:

Maybe because it reminds us of an “R” rated movie playing on TBS; or maybe it’s just because it’s the newest one in the bunch. Either way, it sure is funny.