Over the last nine and a half months it has been nearly impossible to turn your tv to a news station without a breaking story about one man, Donald Trump. The name is as easily recognized as the hair, along with Mr. Trump’s reputation. I don’t mean to take issue with Donald Trump’s hair, wealth or candidacy, necessarily, it is the reputation that bothers me. America is now several months into this Trump insurgence and a few weeks into the primary season, with Donald holding a lead in delegates for the republican nomination. The conundrum that we find ourselves in with Mr. Trump holding a lead in delegates can be attributed to multiple things like, name recognition, voter’s anger with Washington, the belief that he will shake things up or people just enjoying the entertainment. With all the reasons I have heard to vote for Mr. Trump, one stands out to me, his “success as a business man”. Donald Trump’s success would not have been what it is had he not been a part of the crony capitalists system.

“I give to everyone. When they call, I give. When I need something from them, they are there for me…” -Donald Trump

While I cannot deny the success of the Trump empire, I still find myself looking deeper into the philosophy behind the man and how contradictory I find it that republican voters support him. Who can blame the American people for being angry with Washington? The people have every right to be angry with what has been going on, from endless wars on terror, drugs and poverty to an ever growing debt accumulation. All of the the ills that face our republic are a byproduct of one thing, a lack of respect for individual liberty and Donald Trump is not a defender of individual liberty. With all of the excuses you may find to vote for this man, his lack of understanding or respect for what made America great in the first place will be the reason for his failed presidency, may it ever come to fruition. It saddens me to see the state of the Republican Party, just six years after a historic political revolt driven by a grassroots effort known as The Tea Party. Now tens of thousands flock to local voting booths to cast a vote for a man who never recites the constitution, remains ignorant of the limited powers of the executive branch and has spent a small fortune over several decades supporting the status quo of the very revolution he now claims leadership.