Front Porch Ideologist (FPI) encourages submissions from any and all who may wish to share their political experiences or opinions with our audience. In order to become a part of this exciting project, however, we ask that you contact us and submit a sample of your writing (which may be works published on your blog or somewhere else online).  

Most political and social subjects are fair game as long as it pertains to the overall theme of our website and does not defame, falsely accuse, or advocate violent aggression towards any individuals, organizations or public entities.

Information and Submission Guidelines:
First, please note that we do not pay contributors for their submissions….at least right now.  We will, however, give you full attribution—a byline, brief biographical annotation, a self-photo if desired, and a link back to your own website/blog or mention of your local business or favorite cause.  We encourage you to also include links to your Twitter, Facebook and/or Google+ profile(s).  If you have a Google AdSense account and would like,  we will gladly include your Adsense Code on any article of yours we publish.

If you prefer, we can publish your work anonymously or under a pseudonym, but we still need your real information on file prior to Bobspublishing.

All material MUST be original.  While it is okay to quote from other sources or to link to them, they must be attributed.  Do not submit anything written by anyone else as though it were your own.  You are welcome to re-post any material you may have written for FPI on your blog(s) and/or website(s), but we require that you include original publishing attributions and a link to the original article at the beginning of each re-posted article. Ex. “Article first published at by You”

If we discover you have fraudulently posted someone else’s writings under your name, we will blacklist you from any future submissions and also remove any/all of your published works from and any other relevant web properties.  We will also notify the original author and provide them with your identity.

If we find that you have re-posted articles you have previously written for FPI and failed to properly attribute them, and/or submitted articles that you have previously published on other sites, we will blacklist you from any future submissions and also remove any/all of your published works from and any other relevant FPI web properties.

As long as your content is related to political and social issues, any topic is fair game.  You can write about government spending, liberty, social justice, political philosophy, abortion, public funding of the arts, political humor, charity…whatever you like so long as it provides value and/or entertainment to users visiting  The one exception is that we do not allow articles that are sexually explicit in nature.

In order for your article to attract attention from search engines, we ask that all submissions include the following:

  • At least one, and no more than four, links to websites related to your article content. ONE link to your own site/blog is allowed in the body of the article as long as it is related to the subject matter of the article. (It will give more help to your blogs search rankings this way)
  • At least one photo or digital graphic that is relevant to the topic of your article. The photo can be generic in nature, but should have at least some relevance to your subject matter.   Also, while generic photos are allowed, anything which is clearly original, copyrighted material cannot be used unless it is your own or you have written permission from the artist to use it.  Finally, please note that the photo may not include any nudity.
  • Articles should be a minimum of 300 words and no more than 800.  Substantially shorter submissions will not necessarily be rejected but will be closely scrutinized.

If, for whatever reason, you feel your article has a legitimate need to deviate from any of these guidelines, you may contact us to discuss.  However, we reserve the right to make the final decision with no appeal.


Obviously, postings should be well-written and follow accepted grammatical rules.  If in doubt, consult The Elements of Style by Strunk & White or the AP Stylebook.

All of that being said, we welcome you to and we look forward to publishing and promoting your work.

If after reading our guidelines and author requirements you would like to become an FPI contributor, You may shoot us a message via our contact form.