Author: Wes H.

Video: Parody Hits Hillary Right Where it Hurts

Hillary Clinton’s reputation definitely proceeds her in many ways.  Regardless of how you feel about her alleged controversies, one woman, who goes by username “Teance” on Youtube,  shows you exactly how she feels about Hillary… and the people who still support her. Check out the video below and let us know your thoughts....

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Why Liberals Should Want Less Government

 Stay with me as I bore you for a moment with some philosophizin’. I’ll get to a point shortly…I promise. In Plato’s Republic, he proposes the idea that philosophers should rule society. This philosopher king would be someone who, through logical reasoning and well thought out opinion, would rule with the community’s best interests at heart. For Plato to come to this conclusion, he would have to believe that everyone else lacks the critical skills or qualifications to rule, and as a result, would be poor rulers.   In other words, non-philosophers are just too stupid, too selfish, too unwilling and/or are just too untrustworthy...

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Welcome to our Front Porch: An introduction

Why Start “another” Political Blog? In a world (movie trailer voice) saturated with political opinion, slanted news, and propaganda, why in the world would someone want to start a political blog publication? That is the question that I have asked myself every time I entertained the option of well… starting a political blog. Dana, one of our contributing columnists, asked me the same question with a slightly different twist: “how do we stand out and what will make us different from all the others out there?” At first, I didn’t have a concrete answer, but the funny thing about being...

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Top Political Primary Commercials of 2016

If nothing else, the lead up to the general election in 2016 has been quite entertaining. With “The Donald” and “Colonel Sanders” in the race, it has made for some very interesting moments. We decided to go ahead and drop a top 5 list of some of our favorite moments of the season thus far.  Yeah….we said Commercials in the title, but this includes all types of videos.   5. Drunk Trump: The guys in this video lip sync to some actual Trump sounds bites, and man, it just lays it right out there. Yeah, I realize it isn’t a...

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The Best Bernie Sanders Memes

Like him or not (we choose the not because we’re not socialists), Bernie Sanders has been great for political comedy. Below you’ll find a few of our favorite Memes related that Berning feeling. Bernie-Sanders-Meme-5 freeshit Factcheck 21dollars pixiedust BS 1 bernie-sharpton-meme Bernin Romania Obvious fart...

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