I realize that the generation of kids currently in middle and high schools across this country are “different” than my own. They are more “sensitive” to cultural and social differences, lack a fundamental understanding of Macro and Micro economics, have no real knowledge of political philosophy, and many of the male students have had the macho hammered right out of them. (Yes, I Realize that this is a huge and sweeping general statement and that it doesn’t necessarily apply to ALL kids…but I don’t care).
I do believe, however, that today’s generation of youth shares a common bond with the youth of my generation. That bond is an overwhelming influx of hormones that give us the natural and extremely strong desire to procreate and/or the desire to just see something naked.
If given the consequence free opportunity to visit a girls locker room, I am 100% sure that several (not all) little teen creepers with tingly feelings in “weird” new areas would take the opportunity to do it. I would also assume that there would be a few females that would do the exact same thing in reverse.
At 45 years old, I can still name at least 10 dudes from my high school (which is a feat because I can barely remember the name of my high school) who would have jumped at the opportunity… even if it meant confessing to be transgender. Confessing to such a thing in the 80’s would have caused you a lot of heartache too. 
Just to set the record straight:  Because there are those of you who are going to accuse ME of being one of those creepers: I grew up a Pastor’s son and as wild as I ended up being once I left home, I would have never dreamed of doing something like that while living at home. Small town, glass house…all of that and the fear of being jumped by my mom and dad kept me me on the straight and narrow.


All of that being said, I don’t think government should be dictating which bathroom you or your kids should be using…I think you should be. I think local school districts and the parents should be making those kinds of decisions without federal intervention. Whether I agree with the principle or not, it is tyranny for government to tell you which bathrooms ANYONE can or cannot use.


For me and mine, we begin home school next year and all of the bathrooms in our house are gender neutral…but of course, they are one seaters and we don’t use them at the same time…