On the Whole

Front Porch Ideologists is comprised of regular people, just like you, who are passionate about political matters. We are small business owners, homemakers, fathers, mothers, millennials, and like we mentioned before, just plain ol’ regular folk. While a couple of us have degrees in Political Science and/or have worked on congressional campaigns, none of us are political insiders. We are just like you…looking in from the outside.

For the most part, we all fall within the spectrum of the Libertarian ideology, but we do welcome and encourage well thought out opinions that differ from ours. If you’re an idiot whose political opinions are based solely on emotions or someone else’s talking points, however, it may be best to keep those to yourself. We respect facts, reasoned opinions and logical dissension only.

What’s up with the Name?:

The “Front Porch” refers to the place where you, your family, or others might typically discuss politics and solve all the world’s problems without actually taking actions beyond voting. Kind of like arm chair quarterbacking politics.

In regards to the ideologist portion, see this definition taken from dictionary.com:




  1. a person who supports a particular ideology, esp a political theorist.
  2. A person who studies an ideology or ideologies.
  3. A theorist or visionary

We like to think of ourselves as being described in all three parts of this definition. We would also like to think of you, the reader, in the same way. We ARE political theorists, we want to understand why people feel the way they do about political matters, and we consider ourselves visionaries.


Our Goals with this publication:

Like most in the blog-sphere, we are looking for a voice and to be heard in an ever crowded discussion space. But, overall, we want you to think about and question your political and social beliefs. That’s the only way to fully understand why you feel the way you do.